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FAQ Legit Checker

Q. What trainers can I get checked on Legit Checker?
A. We authenticate Nike Air Max 1, 90, 95, 97, 98, 180, 720, TN, Huarache, Air Force 1, Vapormax, Vapormax Flyknit, Vapormax Plus. ONLY. Variants, such as Ultra, are also accepted.

Q. Can I get a trainer authenticated that is not listed above?
A. Sorry, we want to guarantee that EVERY single legit check is 100% correct, so we only legit check shoes that we know and have some many hundreds of times.

Q. Once paid for a legit check on, can I get multiple Nikes legit checked?
A. No, each legit check covers one pair of Nikes only. 

Q. Once I have paid for the service, how many pictures do I need to send to authenticate my Nikes?
A. Four pictures is the minimum. We recommend providing as many angles as possible . It is essential to provide a clear close up image of the size tag and one photo taken from above the shoe. The box is not required.

Q. I have paid for a legit check on and emailed you with a screenshot of my order and sent at least six pictures of the shoes from different angles. Do I now need to keep checking my emails regularly?
A. Yes, keep checking your emails because the pictures that you have provided may not be adequate. If the pictures aren't sufficient to legit check the Nikes, then you will receive an email explaining the additional pictures needed in order to give a 100% guaranteed answer.

Q. What if you cannot determine that the trainers are authentic?
A. We will only give a definite answer if we are 100% confident that we are giving you the correct information. If we are unsure whether they are fake or authentic we will give you a refund.

Q. How long do I need to wait to know if my trainers are legit or fake?
A. Please allow up to 3 hours for a reply, The better the pictures that you provide, the quicker we will be able to respond. Please understand that sometimes there can be delays due to the volume of legit checks that we receive.

Q. How can I get a quick response?
A. Send an email to including the pictures of the pair, as well as the order confirmation.